Story of the Month Printable Pack

Do you want your child to LOVE reading?

Do you want to create life-long memories involving amazing picture books?

This FREE Story of the Month Printable Pack will bring reading to life for your little one!

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Here's what you'll get inside this FREE Story of the Month Printable Pack:

  • 1 new book suggestion for each month of the year.
  • Each book comes with a snack, a craft, and a free printable learning activity inspired by that book.
  • Supply list, detailed directions, and photographs of each activity will guarantee you have everything you need to bring these books to life (without any Pinterest fails!)
  • Think of all the memories you'll make together!
Yes! Send My FREE Printable Pack!

I'm a wife, mom, former classroom teacher (M.Ed), and the founder of Littles Love Learning. I have over 15 years experience in the field of education, and I'm passionate about teaching parents how to teach their children to read correctly and effectively.

Research shows that creating positive associations with reading can lead to better reading outcomes.

What better way to create those positive associations than with book-inspired snacks, crafts, & learning activities?!

Bring reading to life with these unique ideas, and you're guaranteed to be the fun parent in your child's eyes!

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