Phonological Awareness Freebie

Are you confused about the differences between Phonological Awareness, Phonological Sensitivity, and Phonemic Awareness?

How about the differences between blending & segmenting syllables, onset-rimes, and phonemes?

If so, you're in the RIGHT place!

This FREE Phonological Awareness Guide will clarify what you need to know in order to help your little one become a STRONG reader!

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Here's what's included in this FREE Phonological Awareness Guide:

  • Definitions & examples of ALL terms associated with Phonological Awareness
  • Information about both the phonological units of language AND the phonological awareness skills your little one should be practicing for each of those units
  • Confidence in yourself because you know the REAL first steps of teaching reading!
  • Print in color or black/white to save ink!
Yes! Send My FREE Phonological Awareness Guide!
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I believe it's our job as parents & teachers to set our little ones up for success in kindergarten and beyond. And the best way we can do that is to help them learn to read the RIGHT way!

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